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In these last days in which part of the world population has questioned what is right, MORAL TRUTH and I remembered some sexual practices that today are still not acceptable , but make no mistake or not be alarmed if you live a few more decades and see groups of people leaving the streets to demand the right to commit such acts , as they exist and many people only have SEX with pleasure being done this way .
zoophilia :
" Zoophilia is CRIME , but who practices in Brazil receives feathers ' soft ' when it is actually punished ... unfortunately our laws do not punish as they should ... we are crawling when it comes to innocent animals . "

The bestiality is a crime in many countries . In Brazil , the Board examines the Draft Law 3141/12 , Mr Ricardo Izar ( PSD - SP ) , which increases the punishment of those who practice mistreatment of animals when sexual acts are found .

Currently , the Environmental Crimes Act provides for imprisonment from three months to one year and fine for anyone who " performs an act of abuse , mistreatment , injure or mutilate wild , domestic or domesticated , native or exotic animals."
necrophilia :
The Portuguese Criminal Code , Article 226 , paragraph 2 , punishes with imprisonment up to one year and fined those who desecrate corpses , corpses or ashes of deceased persons , practicing offensive acts of the respect due to the dead . Curiously this placement in the plural - corpses - as if the agent were to desecrate more than one deceased person . Simple legislative drafting error . Out this observation holds true for Portugal all that has been said above in relation to Brazilian law .
The Code punishes the act of vilifying , ie , demeaning , profane , disrespect , desecrates the corpse or have similar attitude towards his ashes in the case of incineration or combustion.
 Due to the enactment of Law No. 11,106 , of March 28, 2005 , in her art. 5 , the art was repealed . 240 of the Penal Code , where adultery was in - typed , so such conduct ceased to be a crime !

So today , which was already taken into disuse , was decriminalized , occurring phenomenon of ' criminis abolitio ' .

As soon as there remains the betrayed spouse amparo suit for compensation for moral damage that was caused to you.
- I believe in the TRUTH and have a following that MORALLY CORRECT SEX should only be practiced within the SACRED MARRIAGE !
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